Cancer man and virgo woman dating

30-Dec-2014 15:12

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He went so far as to change his phone numbers and moved and doesnt care that she cant reach him.

At times he can get moody and the predictable Virgo that I am cant take those mood swings.

The thought of him being with some one else would kill me however, even though we have never been sexually involved. You may analyze your feelings more than necessary while he wallows in his moods, but you both share a risk-averse nature that will keep you tied to the work-home routine, without too much disruption. Cancer can get defensive, and if he completely shut out his ex to the point of moving and changing his number, what’s to say he may not do the same to you if he feels sufficiently wounded?

Friendships are sacred, but romantic relationships are even more rare. Cancer is ruled by the habitual Moon and serves his past — he may be a slave to old patterns that are hard to shake.

After that, you won’t be able to reach him on his cell.

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This is sort of weird because we were friends first and never in a million years did I think we would be going out on dates. I dont want to ruin our friendship by going to the next level in the relationship but he is persistant and I must admit that I am willing.

Me Miss Virgo, just recently started dating a Cancer man. I knew she hurt him because he would come crying to me to often.We have been long time friends but the romantic connection is so very strong, at least for me anyway. Never in a million years did I think we would be dating!!!I know you are being cautious, as is Virgo’s inclination. Virgo has been known to nitpick, and the Crab may be too sensitive to bear too much criticism.Harp on him too much, and he’ll retreat into his shell.

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