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26-May-2015 20:55

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Because the canonical form can vary between operating systems and file systems, it is best to use operating-system-specific mechanisms for canonicalization.As an illustration, here is a function that ensures that a path name refers to a file in the user's home directory on POSIX systems: function requires that the file name be an absolute path name.To simplify file name validation, it is recommended that names be translated into their form.Canonicalizing file names makes it much easier to verify a path, directory, or file name by making it easier to compare names.Before this file name is used in file operations, it should be validated to ensure that it refers to an expected and valid file.

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See Section 4.12, "Pathname Resolution," of IEEE Std 1003.1, 2013 Edition, for more details on how path name resolution is performed [IEEE Std 1003.13]. The current POSIX revision and many current implementations (led by glibc and Linux) allocate memory to hold the resolved name if a null pointer is used for this argument.The following statement can be used to conditionally include code that depends on this revised form of the , including universal naming convention (UNC) shares, short (8.3) names, long names, Unicode names, trailing dots, forward slashes, backslashes, short cuts, and so on.

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