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16-Feb-2016 03:11

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You assume that it's a moral duty to share your MLM business with them.

They can use the product and make money is the process. Armed with my Dream and Passion, I’ve made a list of all my friends and family members...

I went on and shared the business opportunity with them. My problem is concerning the core system of MLM, the business of friends telling friends...

The majority did not join my company but a few did. Or Word of mouth advertisement From employee to entrepreneurs When you ‘’share’’ your MLM business with your friends and family members, you hope that they will join your company.

When I arrived to the “Top Team”Meeting, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

The speaker was enthusiastic and at moment, I thought I was at a religious service.

From herbal products, fruit juice, vitamins, legal, telecommunication, financial and you name it…

The first thing I’ve noticed was her beautiful smile. She insisted I should come to a business presentation the following Thursday at a big hotel in downtown D. To tell you the true, I was more interested in dating this girl than the business opportunity she was offering.

I was waiting for my connection train to the red line at Union Station when I was approached by a young lady. We had a short conversation and she gave me a flyer promoting a home based business.

I’ve spend money in promotion tools to target “every breathing creatures” who came 2 feet close to me. When some join your company, they quit the business within the next three month.

I was introduced to several mlm by friends, family members, co-workers… But, I was more impressed by the idea of helping others.

Helping your family members and your friends I am not going to sit here and lie. We all want our friends to succeed and live a good life.

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You assume that it's a moral duty to share your MLM business with them.… continue reading »

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.50 fare not by Metro Card, but in dollar bills and coins.… continue reading »

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to say nothing of the kind of risky personal behavior in which people who use hookup sites are likely to engage?… continue reading »

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When Fran offers to hold an Eastern European woman's baby on the subway, she inadvertently "kidnaps" the child when his mother walks off the train without realizing it.… continue reading »

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You will meet up to 15 Christian singles at each Christian speed dating event. … continue reading »

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