Bsd update not updating kernel sources

21-Mar-2016 11:45

Because of a bug in mpd which is fixed in 10-STABLE I wanted to move one of my Free BSD machines from 10.0-RELEASE to 10.0-STABLE. Basically, you check out the new source code, build the world, build the kernel, install the kernel, install the world, merge some stuff and reboot. -STABLE means that while code can change, the ABI (Application Binary Interface) will remain stable and not change.

Make sure you have a backup of important stuff on the system. Programs compiled to run on Free BSD 9.0-RELEASE, or 9.1-RELEASE, or 9.2-RELEASE will continue to work on Free BSD 9-STABLE.

Effectively, -STABLE is the latest version of Free BSD you can get without breaking installed software. y [...] Removing old libraries Please be sure no application still uses those libraries, else you can not start such an application.

[source] Move the current source code to a backup folder to be sure to get only -STABLE code: mergemaster -p *** Creating the temporary root environment in /var/tmp/temproot *** /var/tmp/temproot ready for use *** Creating and populating directory structure in /var/tmp/temproot *** Beginning comparison *** Temp ./etc/group and installed have the same Id, deleting *** Temp ./etc/master.passwd and installed have the same Id, deleting *** Comparison complete *** /var/tmp/temproot is empty, deleting Removing old files (only deletes safe to delete libs) remove /usr/include/clang/3.3/__wmmintrin_aes.h? Consult UPDATING for more information regarding how to cope with the removal/revision bump of a specific library.

# ls /usr/src COPYRIGHT README etc/ libexec/ sys/ LOCKS UPDATING games/ release/ tests/ MAINTAINERS bin/ gnu/ rescue/ tools/ Makefile cddl/ include/ sbin/ usr.bin/ Makefile.inc1 contrib/ kerberos5/ secure/ usr.sbin/ Obsolete crypto/ lib/ share/ # Replace CPU with i382, amd64, or ia64, depending on your compile system # Replace VERSION with the latest release version wget wget Unpack the archive to /usr/src: tar --unlink -xp Jf -C / # Kernel for a i386-based Soekris machine with ZFS include GENERIC options CPU_SOEKRIS # Allow ZFS crash on i386 CPU, by adjusting KSTACK_PAGES # See /usr/src/UPDATING entry 20121223 options KSTACK_PAGES=4 # Allow more kernel space # options KVA_PAGES=320 Note: in case you don't want to compile the kernel, but also the rest of the system (ports, ) then follow the instructions at: https:// Free BSD, the term “world” includes the kernel, core system binaries, libraries, programming files, and built-in compiler.

To build a kernel If you are updating from a prior version of Free BSD (even one just a few days old), you should follow this procedure.

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No configuration files in If your computer fails to boot the new kernel, you can always select 'Boot Dragon Fly using kernel.old' in the loader menu, so that the old kernel is loaded instead of the new one.Although for legal reasons Free BSD cannot use the Unix trademark, it is a direct descendant of BSD, which was historically also called "BSD Unix" or "Berkeley Unix".The leading edge (development trunk) version of the system will be the "master".The build process requires some time to build all the userland programs and the Dragon Fly BSD kernel.

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y remove /usr/include/clang/3.3/__wmmintrin_pclmul.h? Free BSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from Research Unix via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).