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10-Aug-2015 17:04

"Helen and I are both Leos and we realized there was no efficient way to find out who we were compatible with."Later, they continued the conversation at a Korean restaurant and began commiserating over their dissatisfaction with existing dating apps.

Helen Grossman and Aliza Kelly Faragher, two best friends since college, were at a Korean spa in Los Angeles one day complaining about boys.

"We had just started dating these two guys and we were wondering why they were being the way they were," says Aliza, a former art dealer.

You're part of our constellation because you are involved in this process, we want you to be represented. We've also read every book that's been written on it, classics by Linda Goodman, everyone.

What we did was take that information and make it open to millennials on an accessible platform.

Helen: We wanted the app to be a soulful experience. Leo attributes are confidence, egocentricity, leadership. We approach it from a Myers-Briggs perspective; we understand the fact that we have common interests, but that we are going to approach them differently. Helen: We are so lucky to have Annabel Gat as our advising astrologer.

Which is why we have the constellation: instead of having to swipe through your matches you are presented with all of them, so it's really a choice. Like Leos often do, we'd say, "I'm a Leo and that's really good," but we didn't know anything else. She writes the horoscopes for Broadly, and she gets our vision for Align because she shares our passion for making astrology accessible.