Bridedating sex dating in el sauz texas

08-May-2015 08:31

TV show depicts Carl, a father of two adult daughters, who believes he has been dating a Ukrainian woman from Odessa for 2 years, although he has never met “Natalie” in person or even spoke to her on camera, video, Skype, or phone.

During this time, the grey-haired suitor even flew to Ukraine to meet his prospective bride but precisely during his visit, his sweetheart who loves talking to him and intends to spend the rest of her life with him had to go away to Turkey on a business trip for the whole 2 weeks he was there.

His Ukrainian bride obliged, agreeing to pay her own way.

In the meantime, he keeps sending her messages several times a week.

The screenshots show memos in perfect English telling how “Nat” thinks of life with her American beau, although she doesn’t wish to hear any more of his “sex stories”, because they make her “feel jealous”.

The Ukrainian bride is 30 years younger than her aging, daily drinking groom with 3 DIY’s under his belt.

Unfortunately, she cannot speak English and her notes have to be translated. Phil lists on the screen pointers, typical of online dating scams, with Carl’s love interest scoring multiple ticks.

According to the eager admirer, his virtual girlfriend has been taking English lessons and intends to fly to him to the USA very soon. Why does he still believe his love is genuine and real?

After his unsuccessful visit to Ukraine to meet his “mail order bride”, Carl decided he should be the one making the rules.

He wrote to his prospective fiancée that she would have to purchase tickets herself and fly to the USA if she wanted to be with him.

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