Brianna keilar dating

02-Nov-2014 08:26

In her case, she got her start as an intern at Oakland-based KTVU in 2001 and was helped by (now former) station executive Kenny Wardell, who was also of great assistance to me in opening KTVU’s library for my video crew to use as part of their work on our Super Bowl Bid. Brianna credits Wardell and sports anchor Joe Fonzy for being good friends and teachers.

But before I explain, this is how I came to meet her, as I wrote then at the SBS website ( : In the room, I got a plate and sat down right in front of a television and not far from a young woman who was really all by herself, but near the room’s door; by contrast people were tables far away from the door in groups.

Between bites of food and television glances, we started a conversation.