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(PARANOIA NOTE – In reading this article I was actually told something very similar by a chef coming out of the Grove on a shift change.I had asked him what they served the ULTRA elite and he told me it was the worst kind of institutional crap but he said the pay was good for him as a chef and it was easy…) “Anyone can aspire to be President of the United States, but few have any hope of becoming President of the Bohemian Club,” Richard Nixon reportedly once said.Members and their guests included Dick Cheney, Walter Cronkite, Donald Rumsfeld, Clint Eastwood and nearly every former GOP president dating back to Eisenhower.In Sonoma County, the Grove, a 2,700-acre expanse of forest owned by the Club, is known for its willingness to hire local kids to work at the three-week-long Encampment each summer, when members come to sleep under the picturesque redwoods, participate in performing arts, and get wasted with their friends. We had graduated from high school, and were either still living in Sonoma County with our parents, attending the local community college, or on break from school.“If you don’t get hired at the Grove, you probably have a felony on your record or showed up at the interview looking terrible,” said Olivia, who worked one year as a server and for several years as a valet.So every year, hundreds of young people shuffle through the Grove’s assembly-line hiring process to spend several weeks bussing their picnic tables and parking their Porsches.The Bohemian Club, founded in 1872, was originally composed of journalists and musicians (“bohemians”).Over the years, though, the artists’ patrons assumed a larger percentage of the membership.

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But for a kid growing up in Sonoma County, California near the Bohemian Grove, the club’s ultra-exclusive campground, getting a service job there was easy.

The elite need a lot of help to unwind in the wilderness.

S., and lower wages than most other counties in the prosperous Bay Area.

These gigs were a welcome source of employment and one of the few jobs in the area that are easy to get without job experience.

The majority of those interviewed in this article took entry level positions as servers, bussers or valets.

Sonoma has a high cost of living, the third highest rate of youth homelessness for a rural county in the U.