Blackberry email folders not updating

22-Jul-2016 22:43

If you're not seeing the Black Berry Blend update in Black Berry World, check back or try the link below.Additionally, you'll also want to make sure you're running the latest desktop versions of Black Berry Blend, otherwise the new changes will not be visible.You can download the Windows version here and the Mac version right here.Getting a little tired of your Black Berry and looking for a change to Android? For many of you, the Black Berry may be the only smartphone you have ever known.If you have switched devices before, you know that having your contacts transferred for you at a retail store can be time consuming (and annoying) But it can be pretty easy in switching from Black Berry to Android.

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Just a few months ago, I was in the same boat, getting bored with my Black Berry Storm 2 (which was not my first Black Berry).

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