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It seems there's always something that can give us a clue into a relationship.

So, what is it about the order in which you're born that gives us some sort of an inkling as to who you might fit well with? "It's been researched since the 1920's and they really have found that over time the things that they have found stay the same, and are proven to be honest and true representations of people." Hartstein and Hill took a look at the different types of people based on birth order and see how they all fit together.

"They're used to their older siblings kind of taking the fall for them, fighting for them, taking care of things; they're the babied ones. Similarly to an older, but there's a little bit more of that independence that's there. "The middle is the diplomatic, willing to kind of weigh both sides of the fence and kind of bring that first born back in line when they need to be too controlling and back in charge." WORST BIRTH-ORDER MATCHES: Now the ones that aren't necessarily a mismatch - it doesn't meant that it won't work, but couplings that may not always work, or can be more problematic or more challenging are two first born children.

They have a hard time sometimes making things happen." ONLY CHILD: SELF-CONFIDENT, SELF-RELIANT and ACADEMICALLY SUCCESSFUL NEGATIVE: PERFECTIONIST "An only child is not dependent," Hill adds. The problem there is they can be very perfectionistic and that can create some anxiety for them," Hartstein says. TWO FIRST BORNS: "Two people who want to be in control and be kind of the runner of the show, they may not always blend so well," Hartstein says. They're too dependent on one another," Hartstein points out.

According to Hartstein, gender, birth order, temperament, environmental factors -- all that give us indications of who we are, what our personality traits are, who we might want to be with when we're dating. FIRST BORN: CRAVES ATTENTION, MOTIVATED and RESPONSIBLE NEGATIVE: PRONE TO ANXIETY Hartstein points out that two first-born examples in the "Early Show" anchor staff are Chris Wragge and Jeff Glor, who both said that they were motivated.

"And, in fact, Marysol said she was also motivated and she's the youngest, but by a lot of years, which essentially makes her almost an only child. MIDDLE CHILD: EASY-GOING, DIPLOMATIC and REALISTIC NEGATIVE: UNFOCUSED & INDECISIVE Hill admits that she identifies most with the middle child, saying she feels like she's easygoing. And the fact is we all fit a little bit of each of them, but much of it is different," Hartstein says.