Berkley international dating agency

28-Nov-2014 18:06

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We would ask you to bear in mind though that this is a process and one which takes time especially when new criteria are introduced during the assignment as happened in your case.

They make judgments upon you're first introduction.

Beware as this company will get a lot of complaints, please post on the Internet if you have had an unpleasant experience with this company. I can now confirm that I have reached an amicable resolution to the issues raised in my review with Berkeley International Limited.

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And do potential clients note the dreadful and aggressive attitude in the reply to my post.

Really happy to provide any potential client all the evidence I have about this dreadful unregulated company.

Good luck to all of you I was totally outraged by the Berkeley introduction service.

They discreetly provide a service cheaper that what they advertise.

Dear all, I was ready to pay 6000£ to this agency, beacouse I'm trying to find a decent person to share my life with.After reading your stories, I don't think that is a good idea.

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