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It's a beach date, so it takes about 2.5 seconds for all the girls to start harassing Sean to take off his shirt so they can fondle his pecs.Lesley gets a rose at the end of the date and tells the cameras "I'm falling in love with this guy...he's perfect" because that's the kind of stuff you say when you're deep in a fugue state.Next up is a group date with Kacie, Robyn, Leslie H., Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsey, Daniella, Jackie, and Tierra. to go all the way this time around, sorry but you should have picked a different horse. Also, pretending to fall down the stairs is apparently an excellent way to win a man's heart. We open with the requisite shirtless Sean workout montage, and I like shirtless Sean as much as the next gal, but it's getting a little gratuitous.Can't the poor guy get a tank top for just one episode?Sean wants to follow in dear old dad's footsteps, so Lesley and Sean attempt to break the world record for the longest onscreen kiss.That's right, these people who barely know each other have to kiss for three minutes and 16 seconds without breaking lip contact.

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But Sean's not sweating his objectification because he's too busy thinking about all the girls he's already developing feelings for. The first solo date goes to Lesley M., she of the exposed cowgirl abs and awkward small talk from last week.Sean and Lesley head to the Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood, and Lesley tries to act like she's not disappointed by the lack of helicopter on her date.