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It was a great year, but then, I think if you ask a Boomer, they'll all say it was a wonderful, magical time. I'd be in Geometry Class with Sister Thomas Ann (yikes! I was pooped out couple of years just before the 70's arrived. One of my best male friends came back so damaged that he never has led a normal life Very interesting post, Sunshine ---and a walk down memory lane for me.. I will try to recollect every year of the past decades after reading this article. I remember the mini shirt and in later years, everyone was still wearing them including me. (no we're not twins..flunked a grade...maybe 2) The good news is I can and do remember every last thing on the lists...the people mentioned and the MUSIC...of it. UP+++tweeted & Pinned....shared too Well, well, my parents were still dating then. I am shocked that TGIFridays and Subway are both turning the big '50'. It was a time of innocence for me as I was sheltered from so much by my family but just a few years later my friends went to Vietnam and many never came home. Don't remember much other than being nine years old and mom being alive still. lol I remember watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time that year. When I wasn't playing school (my parents bought six old desks from an elementary school that was being refurbished and painted them in primary colors), I was listening to my 45s and pretending I was an ice-skating champion. Thanx for this wonderful trip down memory lane and the sing-along. I'm enjoying doing the research for the flashback facts articles... I look forward to welcoming you to the 50 is Nifty Club.1965 was a big year for me. Medicine, and we took off for a new life in Florida with two little kids, and one on the way! I am loving the comments, along with this awesome and fun look back at 1965... Favorite singers for both my husband and me were Sonny and Cher - I thought they would be together forever. I had a brother in the Vietnam War who was MIA - thank God he survived and came home."It was the best of times - it was the worst of times." (where is that quote from? LOLVoted up, useful and [email protected] Doyle-- Your quote is from "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. The Beatles of course and I remember the space program as a little kid. We may have been attending the school at the same time. We had just moved to Philly and had a finished basement. Thanks y'all I enjoyed reading your memories of 1965. I've added your name to the list of lucky ones turning 50 in 2015! I caught up with the Beach Boys et all many years later.Whether you were or weren't born before 1965, join me in a walk down memory lane. Now, as far as Joe Namath, before going off to the NY Jets, he was the star quarterback for Alabama.If you are one of the lucky ones who were born in 1965 and will turn 50 years old in 2015, I wish you a Happy Half-Century Birthday! Just the past weekend, we watched the big rivalry game between Alabama and Auburn, and they showed Joe Namath in the sky box ... I was just two years old and all I cared about was food and clean diapers. However, after much research, I have learned that it was quite a year. I thought that TGI Fridays and Subway were new restaurants, but I guess they did not come down to the Deep South until recent years.

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Remember, age is just a's all about how you feel. I could spend all day listening to all those old songs. still looks pretty good for being as old as he is now. I was in eleventh grade that year...thinking about prom, a special boy friend, prom, was the year that I knew for sure I was born to write( even though I had been 'writing' since I was a wee girl old enough to hold a pencil). spooky) trying desperately to get a note passed to my BFF Char on the other side of the classroom......because she was moved there to keep us apart, because we laughed ourselves silly through the entire 45 minute class. I loved that show I Dream of Jeannie and must have watched the reruns later in life, as I did not realize the show is that old!