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30-Jun-2016 03:37

Non of their so called services are refundable, even if they have credited your account without your own consent. So my beloved people please be aware, if you have purchased something from them, delete your card information directly again. I never paid for that site but it was a complete waste of time and effort. If u don't have time and patience to do so, I suggest u to use a premium dating site like Mingle2day, Match, and so on. I met a man named William Wilfred who claimes to be a U. After sharing my most personal thoughts and even my body to this man I began to really trust,he ended up asking me for money to assist in an emergency leave so he didn't get sent to Syria. Sites like Mingle2day and Match are better suited for that purpose. Also check out We Just if you havent already, had a very fun date on that site last weekend and it is similar to Badoo in terms of being busy and easy to use.

if you're looking for something real don't go to badoo! Badoo is great for a fun chat but don't expect to actually meet someone. I think this site is pretty standard, a middle of the road kinda site. He is very good at convincing women he cares about you and wants to come meet. But Badoo is absolutely amazing if you want to chat around a little. Enjoy x Badoo used to be pretty usable for free: it had lots of filters, and you could hunt for new members. And it's become a lot harder to message anyone attractive.

Badoo is officially called Social Network or Online Community but I'd rather call it a dating site! But one of the issues I faced using Badoo was the amount of fake profiles. Its not got the same buzz as sites like We Just but you can still have success on the site if youre in a major city or if youre just plane determined! Please do not waste your time on this site if I could give it a 0 I would. Badoo is just a profiteering site and app for the owners of it. As someone else says, it is a greedy pay site, quote "constantly hounding you to use pay services like sending gifts and stickers, get your message read first, get your profile seen more, and it goes on ..." I found it very costly and any extras you pay for are quickly used up and you are motioned to pay again and again. Don't necessarily expect to meet up with someone but expect to get in touch with MANY people. Most of the time if you find someone cute or sexy there will either be no option to chat, or else you click on chat and it says their mail box is full but you can still pay to message them.

Ive had some nice chats, but other than that ive not seen all that much action. I removed my card info and cancelled subscription due to the only intrest is from fraudulent people and badoo still continued to charge my account.i did contact them about a refund an was denied the refund . It's full of scammers you will have people inbox you asking do you want to be in a relationship and 24 hours later they want money, it's a lot of fake profiles and people on there catfishing, and badoo always asking you to buy something to get moved to the top or get your messages seen first ect. And they are constantly hounding you to use pay services like sending gifts and stickers, get your message read first, get your profile seen more, and it goes on and on ad nauseam.

However, I have never seen a more vibrant and lively online community. It ain't the best place to find romance and relationship and u are well adivised to use 'real traditional' dating websites (Mingle2day is a great example, Match and Chemistry are ok too) if u are seeking something more than just a chat.

Badoo rocks if u just wanna have a fun time online.

You can't filter out smokers and single moms anymore, it's like Tinder now, no filters.As a result, most people don't even say anything about themselves in their profiles, no real need to now that they know they won't be filtered out.

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