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24-Jul-2015 00:59

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Law enforcement, drug trade, political fights and terrorism have gone online. And can battles in virtual reality claim real lives?

The fight for information and access to the hidden data is raging on, both in the legal sphere, with authorities trying to tighten the grip on the digital flow, and international, with army-like hacker groups searching for the cracks in the cyber defense of nations. We ask the cyber-expert extraordinaire – John Mc Afee is on Sophie&Co today.

The way they got access was through a device built by an Israeli company called “Cellebrite”.

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I mean, I guess, if he’s suspected in a crime, the question is not whether they should have access to it, it is whether they should require Apple to give them access in a manner that gives them access to all other telephones, and that’s basically what the FBI was asking.JM: Oh yes, absolutely, they did get access, it’s no question - they have the ability to get the access all along.

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