Backdating al capone

24-Sep-2015 02:06

Bush's questionable activities and profits during his years as a director of Harken Energy Corp.

(1986-1993) have come under a fair amount of scrutiny from the media. Bush has thus far avoided responsibility for those activities, thanks to a compromised investigation by the SEC during his father's presidency, as well as Mr.

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But an investigation by has uncovered the possibility that one Harken transaction - the cancellation of an estimated 0,375 in debt in 1993 - may have been structured to help Mr. Further analysis by The Anonymous CPA suggests that Mr.

This offer was relayed through a California stock broker who refuses to identify the buyer, but insists the buyer was not trying to bail Bush out - or buy political influence with the then-President's son. Contrary to false statements from the current White House, George W.

Bush was a Harken director and a member of its well-informed Audit Committee. Bush's apparent crime is much closer to that of Im Clone CEO Samuel Waksal - and Enron chairman Ken Lay - than to Martha Stewart.

When the issue of insider trading was raised during his 1994 gubernatorial campaign, Mr.

Bush's Questionable Dealings at Harken Energy Corp. Bush's 8,000 profit from the sale of his Harken stock in June 1990 has received considerable media attention. Bush had inside knowledge of the company's financial woes, which caused Harken's stock price to drop shortly after his sale.The issue of insider trading has been making headlines in the case of Martha Stewart's sale of Im Clone stock. Bush are much more serious, since Stewart was not an Im Clone insider - while Mr.

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