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10-Jan-2015 02:56

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When asked what she thought about Pratt's switch to the brawny superhero type, Plaza responds: "Umm... He looks great, and I just, you know, hope he doesn't show up on the set, like, acting like a total, like, asshole, you know? So, the fact that he has rock hard abs or whatever is just, like, I guess a bonus? A sleeker Andy isn't going to affect April on Parks and Rec...

" However, she doesn't think that's really possible. unless the writers squeeze in a bit in which April teases Andy about his svelteness. Either way, after we watch Plaza and Pratt on the silver screen separately in Life After Beth and Guardians of The Galaxy respectively, it will be awesome to see the two of them reunite for the final season of Parks And Rec, rock hard abs and all.

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"Parks and Recreation" co-stars and onscreen marrieds Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt are all about the funny. And Plaza has some strong opinions about them."I like him big.

I like him big, and I like him round," she told Yahoo! Pratt, the hilarious star-turned-hard body, recently Instagrammed and tweeted an eye-popping pic of his new physique, which he whipped into shape for the 2014 Marvel action flick "Guardians of the Galaxy.""He's now kind of this rock-hard creature, which I think is great for him, and I think it's great for the movie and I'm excited about it," Plaza said during an interview at San Diego's Comic-Con.

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