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Women participated for the first time at the 1900 Paris Games with the inclusion of women's events in lawn tennis and golf.Women's athletics and gymnastics debuted at the 1928 Olympics. In 2012, women's boxing was introduced, resulting in no remaining sports that do not include events for women.As the owner of the horse teams, they were credited with the victory, though they were most likely not present at the events.Even in the early years of the modern Olympics, women were not well represented (consequently a rival Women's Olympics was held).However, they all bowed to IOC pressure and sent female athletes to London.

The American team had competitors in each of the 27 events, with the maximum number of entries in all but 3 of them (the United States did not send full teams for the steeplechase, the racewalk, or the triple jump).

The only way women were able to take part was to enter horses in the equestrian events.

There are records of several winning women horse owners.

Ninety-six athletes represented the United States in 1924.

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It was the nation's seventh appearance in the sport.

The United States had finalists in every event except the triple jump.

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