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20-May-2015 20:36

There are also far too many to realistically list here. Most people I spoke with said, "go to Pantip" when it came to prices.However, for the benefit of example I will give some rough indications on certain products based on USD. Personally I saw very little difference in the prices between Pantip and Paragon (upscale mall).(111 North Bridge Road) have several outlets throughout Singapore.This is one of the bigger ones with plenty of stock. If I were to suggest one, I'd head to The Camera Workshop.

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People were fairly straight with their prices, even in the second hand camera market.In regards to the computer / laptop market I found better prices easier to bargain for. Some stores have prices displayed on items others don't. Though I don't recommend you buy any fake goods for your own equipment. Many lenses are made in Japan but some cheaper lenses are appearing with "made in China" stamped onto them. There have been tales of cameras and laptops with new casings and old parts inside. An interesting note is that a few retailers in Kuala Lumpur would not let me test their L series () Canon lenses. Holding out a wad of cash to show you are buying and not just playing breaks this rule.

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