Asian dating dating rule

11-Nov-2014 13:09

First, the rumors…I will begin with the things everyone always says…

1) Asian men don’t foreign woman and if they do not Black woman….

Asian men just like all other men have different tastes. I have found that more East Indian men, Philippine, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Korean men are open to dating black women than other Asian groups, but there are exceptions to the rule. I have gotten rejected many times because I was too fat.

There are some that only want a Chinese woman and there are some that want foreign women and yes folks .. I have friends of all colors married to many types of Asian men. But don’t let that discourage you ladies, I didn’t.

I myself have dated Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Philippine, Indian, Malaysian and Cambodian men in my other lives. I still dated many Asian men and married my husband; who by the way is only 5’4 and 105 pounds. This is probably the thing that surprises people the most about me being married to a Chinese man.

It is possible, you just need to look a little harder and kiss a few more frogs to find your prince. As a Black American woman, I get stereotyped as being strong, bossy and controlling.

We, Black women just need to do it more often than not.

In these cases, we can play the part of a strong, independent, and sometimes dominating woman.

I cannot speak for every Asian man out there, because as you know all men are different and there is always that special guy that isn’t the norm.

But from my experiences and conversations here in China and in my life of dating different kinds of Asian men; I can tell you with most traditional Asian men are looking for or NOT looking for in a woman.