Asian caucasian dating

24-May-2015 00:35

Just ask Koreans if they think that Asian Caucasian dating is “easy”.So when you’re getting to know a Korean woman she has this belief in the back of her mind.We’re not even talking about the cultural differences. Korean women think that Westerners find Asian Caucasian dating “easy”.They are more afraid that you will just date and suddenly abandon them. The difference is that the media and social belief is that caucasian men ALWAYS abandon their Asian girlfriend or wife.

Many would rather protect themselves emotionally rather than dare to date you – Unless you’re able to address this issue and show that you’re “different” than most Caucasians.

Why do Koreans (Korean men specifically) do what they can to prevent interracial dating? Granted I’m talking about Korean society in general.

At the same time Koreans in general admire and envy white people – making dating Korean women even more challenging. In Asia the whiter your skin the more attractive you are. If you’re a caucasian man then your chances of dating a Korean woman are higher.

So Korean women in general protect themselves and their reputation. Discover the dynamics behind Koreans dating caucasians. If you’re a foreigner and you’re ‘white’ then you’ll have to work harder at having a relationship. South Korea admires Western nations and wants the status that these countries have.

In fact there is a stigma for dating a Westerner that you can feel even to this day.If you’re dating her in your country then chances are that she didn’t tell her family about you.