Arpwatch ethercode dat updating

02-Mar-2016 23:22

* installed arpwatch's *scripts into /usr/lib/arpwatch and edited massagevendor to set AWKPATH before running awk.

Package: arpwatch Severity: wishlist Tags: patch Hello.

This is a very simple patch to display the IP address in the subject in case no hostname is known.

A subject line such as "new station eth0" is not only very uninformative, but also quite confusing at the beginning.

Personally, I would like the "eth0" to be removed from the subject line, or at least put in front, as suggested in #277975.

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On the dedicated server for Ne Di, download the Ne Di tar-ball file where MAC, IP and DNS will be specific to the nodes in question.This is just annoying "noise" which we would like Ne Di to discard, because it's perfectly normal.