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13-Dec-2014 13:27

But now, her small roles in movies you’ve seen but never recognized her in mean so much more.

In fact, now she has the clout to retroactively add star power to any movie.

, Washington rubbed elbows the industry’s hottest power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the movie that brought them together. It currently sits at 19 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s easy to see why.

Here, she plays secret agent sidekick Jasmine to Jolie’s Jane, who’s been tasked to take down her husband. installments, Washington played the comic character Alicia Masters, a sensitive, caring, and compassionate blind sculptor who carve out images of real people through touch and memory alone. Let’s just take a look at the plot: an unemployable businessman (Anthony Mackie) finds himself making ends meet in the lucrative business of impregnating lesbian couples, an idea given to him by his former girlfriend (Washington) who’s trying to start a family with her girlfriend.

Namely, these five movies you forgot Kerry Washington was in.

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While Washington doesn’t kick that much ass in this, she does spew out fancy coordinates and other assassin jargon that’s enough to make her character seem like she can annihilate you with a tap of a pencil. Which is convenient when your love interest is The Thing, a dude who’s basically a monstrous rock formation with a heart of gold. No, it’s not a comedy, nor a romance, nor a…hell, we don’t know what this is.

Out of all the movies on this list, this is definitely the one you can use as an icebreaker at party.