Anne hathaway dating jim sturgess

22-May-2016 18:26

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The novel — a three-hankie version of "When Harry Met Sally" — has such an avid following in the United Kingdom that Sturgess, a fair-skinned, 30-year-old London-born actor best known for his role in the 2007 Beatles movie musical "Across the Universe," felt a certain amount of trepidation about tackling the character. "Jim dares to make Dexter quite unsympathetic," Scherfig said.Over the course of the story, Dexter evolves from a handsome, overprivileged TV host who sleeps and drinks his way through London's finer nightclubs to a melancholy thirtysomething whose eyes are ringed with dark circles and whose temples are flecked with gray. "Jim's instinct was to be a really superficial TV host, to go for it."It's kind of weird to meet for the first time," said Sturgess, who turned up for an early August interview in Beverly Hills with two days' worth of stubble and a garment bag slung over his shoulder."Not only is she this massively famous Hollywood actress, but …Jim Sturgess first met Anne Hathaway at what is known in Hollywood as a chemistry read, an audition to test two actors' shared magnetism.Hathaway had already been cast as Emma Morley, the bookish protagonist of the English love story "One Day," and Sturgess had made it through two rounds of auditions for the part of Dexter Mayhew, Emma's roguish best friend and the object of nearly two decades of her longing."As harsh as the conditions were at times, Jim did not seem to wilt," said Colin Farrell, a costar on that film.But a one-man show he wrote and performed there won Sturgess an agent and some TV roles.

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terrible that I'm excited about being promoted to salad boy.' So I took a big look at my life and said, 'No, I've gotta change, I've gotta do something about that.'" He enrolled in a two-year media and performance program at the University of Salford in Manchester — more an effort to get close to the city's storied music scene than out of any sense of academic ambition.

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