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06-Mar-2016 12:54

Duterte’s verbatim quote: “I can lose the elections today.

Hindi na lang ako maka-atras, kasi marami na ang nagbigay (ng pera) sa akin ngayon nung tumaas na ang rating ko.

The statement could be interpreted to mean that with money coming in, he now has enough funds for his presidential bid.

But he didn’t explain if he’d use all those funds for his campaign.

That’s a truncated for-the-headline version of what Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said in his April 17 taped interview with media.

That, however, was unnoticed because he was mainly explaining what led him to crack his sick, necrophiliac joke regarding the August 1989 Davao hostage crisis.

Instead, he filed his papers again as Davao City Mayor, a position he has held for 23 years.

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But what kind of a presidential candidate is this who files a bid for the highest post of the land, then finds it too much of a hassle, or realizes the job is too big for him yet can’t back out because of the money he has received from his backers?

Can’t he simply tell his backers the same way he blurts out all his other remarks regardless of the consequences: “Here, this is what is left of your donations.

The rest I’ve spent for the campaign, and I don’t have receipts and, really, to hell with you if you ever demand an audit! The most plausible explanation, though, is that in the first place, Duterte joined the presidential race for the money.

Reluctant candidate Remember that even as these irresponsible Davao businessmen were egging him on for months to run for the presidency, Duterte hewed and hawed to the point he actually didn’t file his candidacy on October 15, the deadline for presidential aspirants.

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In the taped interview, however, he hardly appears enthusiastic over his announcement that more money is coming in to enable him to finance his campaign.Instead, watch him in his recent interviews and you’d see how he seems to be the choker in this election, as Americans use the term to describe “someone who blows a seemingly insurmountable lead in a competition, due to its pressures.” (Urban dictionary) One could plausibly read him as someone who at this point wants to withdraw from the presidential race but doesn’t want to piss off those who have given him campaign money, a big part of which he probably has spent.

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