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[] - Ever thought of praying for 100 days for a spouse or going on 27 first dates in a year? Listen in as they discuss intentional things they've done to prepare for marriage, meet men and get outside their normal routines.We hope you'll be inspired to make your own relational resolution as you enter the new year, remembering that God has your story under control and wants the best for you., do it now!However, I know that there might be some instances where I will want to drop this commitment.But I will hold steady, for my commitment to God is so much more important.” I’m not entirely sure of the answers to these questions. Andy Stanley challenges all singles that go to his churches, both those who just got out of bad relationships and those who can’t find a date, to go one entire year without dating. For once in my life, I am not absolutely terrified to do this.I am comfortable just being Billie, no need for a boyfriend.A relationship with a lot of issues very similar to all of my other relationships. My first reaction is “Why do these guys keep finding me?” What I should be asking myself is “What am I doing to attract these guys, and why do I keep choosing them? Taking a year and devoting yourself to God to grow spiritually and become the person who you’re looking for is looking for.

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Not going on any dates, not even one, and even turning down dates if you have to? Back then I was in a habit of closing my ears to anything I really didn’t want to hear. The great thing is that as Christians we will get it – but not here, not now. Sorta like a fast, but I don’t want to use that word for fear of making it sound stuffy and formal and no fun. It is committing to yourself and to God that for one year you will not date. As women, we constantly have to fight the struggle in our minds about where our worth lies.

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