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Some types of HPV cause bumpy genital warts that do not cause cancer.

Other types of HPV are more serious and may cause cancer of the cervix, penis, vulva, anus and throat.

During anal sex, HPV can be spread into the anal canal.

The virus is most commonly found on the genitals and anus.

It is found less often on the mouth or in the throat.

People who have HIV are more likely to develop genital warts if they come into contact with the virus.

When a person has HIV, sometimes their ability to fight off viruses is lower, making it easier for more warts to grow.

Routine Pap tests are done to screen women for cervical cancer.

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The vaccine does not have an effect on any type of HPV that a person may already have.

The types of HPV that cause genital warts are most often spread by skin-to-skin contact during vaginal and anal sex.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) are a group of over 100 types of virus, including more than 40 types that involve the genitals.

Three out of four women will have an HPV infection at some time in their lives.

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Most of the time, HPV infection is not serious, does not have any symptoms and will go away on its own without treatment.Because HPV often has no symptoms, it is easy to pass from one person to another without knowing it.

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