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02-May-2016 22:34

We've tried to answer these questions on our FAQ page about Amsterdam prostitutes.

After the deed is done, the man will disappear and the girl will get behind her window to catch her next client.

After visiting the Red Light area, people usually have a lot of questions.

The Red Light District isn't any more unsafe than many other parts of town - but do stick to some simple rules (see below).

Young women in lingerie sit or stand behind red-lit windows or glass doors.

Men (or the occasional couple) walk by while the girls try to seduce them to come inside. She opens and they negotiate what will be done, for how long, and against what price.

After reaching an agreement, the man steps inside her small room, the door and curtain closes behind them.

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The atmosphere in the Amsterdam Red Light District is much more laid back than other such districts in the world.It's actually the oldest part of town with beautiful architecture, and a popular place to live for regular Amsterdammers.