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11-Mar-2016 01:59

Taking this step helps insure that your family is breathing healthy air.

Recent research indicates that the air within our homes contains more pollutants than the outside air. Also, due to recent technologies and entertainment, people tend spend up to 85% of their time indoors.

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If a home has poor ventilation, this can increase pollution levels by them not having a means to escape, and not having enough fresh outdoor air to dilute the pollutants.

If you live in an area where there is high temperature and humidity, this can also contribute to the problems of indoor air quality.

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This, of course, increases your health risks of being exposed to indoor air pollution.

If your home has poor ventilation, this increases the amount of pollutant levels that may exist in your home.By air sealing, duct sealing, and controlling the type of ventilation your home has, you can decrease the amount of pollutant levels in your home.Indoor air pollutants can cause health problems such as, asthma, headaches, respiratory diseases, heart disease, cancer, and eyes, nose, and throat problems.Elderly people, children, and chronically ill people with suppressed immune systems are the most susceptible to poor indoor air quality.

Even if your family does not experience any of the symptoms of poor indoor air quality, it is always a good idea to make sure the air you are breathing does not have the potential to cause your family any health problems. This is due to 90% of homes have up to 40% duct leakage, even new homes. What you see as dust, is actually insulation fibers that are being distributed throughout your home.

You and your family are breathing in these fine insulation fibers putting your health at risk.

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