Amarillo guys webcam

13-Aug-2015 13:51

He then notified the ride operator of the incident."He stated to me that 'oh yeah, I'm sorry about that. "In my opinion, if someone tells you the seat belt is broken, you should go ahead and just shut that part down and not let anyone on that ride."In a statement, Wonderland says it was extremely concerned to hear about the Latham's experience and appreciate the father quickly bringing it to the park's attention. Latham that evening, removed the cart and ensured all seat belts were in proper working order."They did respond to me and told me they send their deepest condolences and that safety is their number one issue," Latham said.

"We put the seat belt on, latched it, went to pull it tight and it had actually come undone at that time. There were no problems with it."Latham says his son, Kaysen, had so much fun the first time, he wanted to video the joy for his wife to see.

I just thought I didn't get it clicked in well enough. What he caught on camera wasn't what he was expecting."We went to hit the very first drop, and as soon as we went over, I felt the seat belt release," Latham said.