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Sarah Amos is the off-air reporter covering President Bill Clinton. Soledad O'Brien plays a key role in each primary and caucus night coverage from the CNN Election Center in New York, and Donna Brazile, Amy Holmes, Roland Martin, Jamal Simmons and Leslie Sanchez regularly provide analysis during both special coverage and regularly scheduled broadcasts." Dallas Morning News: "Our staffing is in line with what you reported previously.The reporters and photographers covering the contest number more than the "embeds," as those on the plane are known.And with the explosion in cable news and the Internet since the '80s, there are more venues for commentators of color."The logical 'why' as to the lack of black 'bigfoots' or even rising stars worth sending to the hustings is that the chance for a Gwen Ifill to cut her teeth on a presidential campaign has been severely diminished by the flat levels of black hiring for many years, even before they were compounded by the shrinkage of our industry.Ancedotally, there is plenty to suggest that buyouts have now begun to suck black institutional memory out of our newsrooms along with general memory.Print: Three of the AP editors and reporters involved in campaign coverage have been minorities. CNN: "As part of CNN's comprehensive and winning political coverage, CNN correspondents Joe Johns, Suzanne Malveaux, Dan Lothian, Chris Lawrence, Ed Lavandera and Ali Velshi frequently report on the campaign either from the trail or in-studio.There have been more women covering the presidential candidates and editing the stories for AP," said spokesman Paul D. ABC News: "Ron Claiborne has been covering Senator John Mc Cain's campaign for all ABC News' broadcasts and platforms. Many of these correspondents have also anchored the network's long-form programming Ballot Bowl," said a CNN spokeswoman.

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Jackson's candidacy opened the doors, often at his insistence, for black journalists to cover a national presidential campaign. A black editor at a major news organization told Journal-isms, "our campaign coverage is extremely white. sense is that this campaign, despite its historic proportions, is not the launching pad for black print journalists to vault into the inside of campaigns and national politics as what happened from 1984 to 1996, when you could count on bylines across the nation by the likes of Gwen Ifill, Ken Cooper, Milton Coleman, Marilyn Milloy, Mike Frisby, Steven Holmes, Sylvester Monroe, Derrick Jackson, Sam Fulwood and Kevin Merida to grace Page One with some major aspect of a presidential campaign," this person said. "Most of those then-reporters moved up the power chain to become nationally significant editors, columnists, authors and television hosts. The most obvious is that Obama quickly turned out to be THE story of 2008, not just the top presidential story, but THE top domestic story for America, win or lose.It doesn't mean it lacks sensitivity, but they don't know the nuances of growing up black in America." Another black journalist who requested anonymity because he said he hadn't finished his research offered reasons others echoed, some on the e-mail list of the National Association of Black Journalists: "My . That could have inspired newspapers to put their top political 'bigfoot' reporters on him and the level of black 'bigfoots' does not appear to be at anywhere near the level of the '80s and '90s.

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