All operations completed firmware updating failed

26-Feb-2015 11:20

A failure while staging the firmware on one or more interconnects automatically ends the firmware update operation.

During staging, the firmware is written (uploaded) into the secondary flash memory of the interconnect but is not activated.

You need to activate the staged firmware for it to become the new firmware baseline.

The ID number can also be displayed by pressing and holding the main unit’s ZONE2 SOURCE and TUNE + for at least 3 seconds.

If the upgrade is not successful, an error message identical to those in “Firmware” - “Update” will appear on the display.

Check the conditions according to the message and try the update again. If the procedure has not been carried out, “-------” is displayed.

The ID number shown on this screen is needed when carrying out the procedure.

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Furthermore, there may be cases where backup data is reset for the parameters, etc., set on this unit.

If the update or upgrade fails, press and hold the on the main unit for more than 5 seconds, or remove and re-insert the power cord.