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In a joint initiative with Western countries, Albania also opened the first anti-sex trafficking center in Europe in 2001.

Although initially criticized by international aid organizations and European officials for being slow to recognize and respond to the problem, Albania implemented an anti-trafficking law in 2000.

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However, the policy failed to address the societal practices that undermine women's well-being and render them vulnerable to exploitation, including the nation's lack of professional and economic opportunities, its high rates of domestic violence and widespread corruption in the legal and law enforcement systems, the study indicated.Gender discrimination remains a commonly accepted practice in the workplace.The country serves as both a source of trafficking victims and a transit hub for moving victims through Russia and Eastern and Western Europe.Over the past decade, the Albanian government undertook a number of local and international initiatives to address human trafficking and improve the welfare of women, adopting policies addressing issues of gender equality, discrimination, domestic violence and governmental corruption.

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The law has been revised numerous times since being adopted, most recently in 2010, to bring it up to Western standards and international conventions.The new policy is credited with facilitating investigations into 51 sex trafficking offenders that were referred for prosecution.