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27-Aug-2016 07:33

If you’re like most Washingtonians, you’re too busy to read through hundreds of online personal ads, you don’t hang out at bars, don’t want your friends fixing you up and definitely shouldn’t date someone at work.Looking for love can be time-consuming and frustrating.A separate fee of .00 is required to cover the cost of processing fingerprint cards from out of state Agency License holders only.The individual for whom the License is sought shall be: The Security Systems Unit will only accept applications completed electronically on the PDF form(s) provided below under Documents for initial and renewal applications.Please answer all questions accurately, completely and honestly.

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They must also submit an Application for Tax Verification and the Article of Corporation.

Initial – Out of State: Total 0.00 Initial - Instate: 0.00 An application fee of 0.00 is required for each initial application if the submitter is not a unit of the State.

Allow 90 business days for the completion of the application process.

If the Licensing Division does not receive the renewal application, satisfactorily completed, by the expiration date, the applicant must begin as a new applicant and complete all requirements necessary for an initial application.

Once completed, the PDF form should be printed, signed, and mailed.Mail the application packet to the Licensing Division at the address provided above.