Affects of teenage dating violence

08-Apr-2016 17:55

In addition, if the violence within a family is perceived as a norm, than it is more likely that the family violence will occur in the family, while the regular consumption of alcohol can lead to the formation of dangerous and unhealthy habits within the family.

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Obviously, violence breeds violence and the child abuse and family violence are likely to affect not only the younger generation but also next generations.

In such a context, it is necessary to reveal basic causes of the child abuse and family violence in order to find out their effects and ways of prevention.

Today, teenage dating violence is one of the major problems related to the upraising of the younger generation and safety of health and life of teenagers along with safety of their psychological health.

In this respect, it should be said that the teenage dating violence is closely intertwined and derives from child abuse and domestic violence along with the negative impact of media, including violent video games.

The problem of the child abuse is closely intertwined with the problem of the family violence.

In fact, often children become victims of their parents and the protection of children from the abuse and violent behavior of parents is one of the major challenges the modern society has to cope with.

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To put it more precisely, the low income families are more susceptible to the risk of the family violence because the financial restrictions do not allow members of these families to improve their standards of living.

Being restrained financially, members of such families tend to project their socioeconomic problems on members of their families (Lyons-Ruth and Jacobvitz, 1999).