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06-Aug-2015 17:42

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As more people connect to your camera they are fed the same camera feed from our media servers, so there is no increase in load on your broadband as more viewers connect, its all handled by the system.The service operates with both HTTP (normal) and HTTPS (secure) websites and can be set up in minutes using a standard broadband internet connection.See the Full Webcam Hosting Feature List Here and choose the plan thats right for you.You can use any USB webcam or an RTSP compatible IP Camera, and you can also connect microphones and other audio sources.You can even stream directly from your mobile phone to your Internet audience for a truly mobile broadcast.We give you a small piece of HTML code which loads the video player into your page, and you insert this in your own web page where you want your live camera to appear.

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The system then sends or "rebroadcasts" the video stream to the computer, smartphone or tablet in the correct format to play on that device.There is only one connection from your camera to our servers so the load on your broadband is minimal.