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20-May-2015 20:14

In other words, Amity will be producing 23 Bibles every minute.

Peter Dean, the Bible Societies' consultant in Nanjing, said that there is "a really increasing interest in Christianity" in the country where seven percent of its one billion people are estimated to be believers, according to the United Bible Societies.

About 55,000 churches distribute the Bibles printed by Amity.

The Bible is printed in eight Chinese minority languages, as well as Braille Bible.

"There are differing views on how many Christians there are," Dean admitted.

"But everyone agrees there is a great interest and a lot of growth in the Christian Church.

In collaboration with the United Bible Societies, Amity Printing Company, China's only state-approved Christian publisher, will double their annual Bible printing output when the facility opens on May 19.

In 2007, Amity printed 6 million Bibles, but with the new facility, it has the potential to print up to 12 million per year.

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If they want to print 12 million Bibles a year, they've got it." Just 30 years ago, Christianity and the Bible were banned in China, which remains a strictly secular and officially atheistic country.

But in 1987, Amity Press began printing Bibles and celebrated its 50th millionth Bible last December.