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08-Jul-2016 23:08

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Cybersecurity firm Symantec has unearthed a new scam campaign targeting Instagram users.

According to the company’s research, affected profiles have been altered with sexually suggestive imagery to lure users to adult dating and porn spam.

Relationship disappointments are experienced, at least initially, “in the present” (“You are my problem.”).

The huge popularity of social media accounts such as Instagram makes them a potential goldmine to cyber-criminals, who know that by comprising a single account they have the opportunity to send out spamlinks to hundreds – or in some cases thousands – of users.

Who would you prefer to see as the source of your distress — your father or the man you have just started dating who has begun to disappoint you?

We begin to return fears and accusations to their source in such past relationships.

We learn to pick up more quickly on those situations in which our partner is attributing something to us which actually is an issue from their past.

“However, if you have been a victim of a hack or have identified an account that might have been compromised you shouldn’t remain passive and immediately report this,” he added.The crisis created when fantasy and reality meet in a new dating relationship cannot be resolved at the level of fantasy. However, as the crisis plays out, the “past” begins to make an appearance: “You are just like my ex-husband”; “My mother treated me the same way you are treating me now.”This is a critical turn of events. The “bit of truth in the present” is now seen to have a long history.

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