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13-Dec-2014 10:48

positive communication) and social categories (i.e., in-group vs.out-group status) influenced language use in short-term virtual teams.ABSTRACT: This paper reports results from a study of how speakers adjust their speaking style in relation to errors from Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), while performing an Interlingual map task.The dialogues we analysed were collected using a prototype speech-to-speech translation system which adds 3 elements to the communication which we think of as " filters " : Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation (MT) and Text To Speech (TTS).Accommodation was observed during the task with younger signers accommodating more than older signers.

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Specifically, the results show that (a) system errors influence speaking rate, and (b) the perceived level of cooperation by the interlocutors increases as system error increases.

ABSTRACT: The present study examined how interpersonal behaviors (i.e., negative communication vs.