Accommodating diverse learning styles in an online environment

22-Feb-2015 16:20

Rather than developing a lesson aimed at the 'average student,' teachers using differentiated instruction specifically tailor a lesson to incorporate a variety of learning needs.Students also have diverse , abilities, preferences, and needs.Imagine you're in a computer class and the instructor is trying to teach everyone the basics of using presentation software.Classrooms today are more diverse than they've ever been, from preschool all the way through college.You may be thinking of gender, race, culture, etc., but those aren't the only things that make the classroom diverse.

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Julie is sitting to your left, and she hasn't used a computer much, so she is completely lost and confused.

Brad is sitting to your right and seems to be learning quite a bit from the instructor.

Differentiated instruction is a great strategy that teachers use to accommodate a wide variety of learning needs.

In this lesson, we discuss differentiated instruction and identify which aspects of the classroom can be differentiated.

It is more than simply helping students who need extra assistance after a lesson is presented.

It is proactively developing a variety of teaching materials so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively regardless of differences in learning style or academic skill.