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25-Dec-2015 14:36

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I remember plateauing at about 70 WPM in English/QWERTY when I was about 17. And that was INSANELY fast to most people back then.

I am 25writing is a little bit slower than yours, because I write in Slovakand we have more letters than you do (english alphabet has 26 letters, german alphabet has 30 letters, slovak alphabet has 48 letters) =o) and we use the punctuation very often, since we have a very colorful and happy language. (the word count is lame, because a word isn't a constant for me, but rather a variable)I did not learn the touchtyping at school, I learned it by myself. : D I'm 19 and my all-time best is 642 (128 wpm). Im 12 and I type 293 keys per minute = 58 words per minute.

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Nearly 23 years old male from germany, typing about 80-85 wpm with up to 480 kpm. I remember in middle school me and my friend competed in our typing class.

In english sentences I make about 340 kpm - there are some really fascinating words in english language ;-). My teacher said we were the fastest he had ever had...