1950s dating terms

28-Mar-2015 03:09

Gone were shoulder pads and most double-breasted suits.Jackets and trousers were shorter, although there was still a lot of fabric in the trouser legs.Like men's fashion before it, 1950s men's wear saw a postwar clothing revolution that changed fashion permanently, particularly in adolescents.

If you love the look of the 50s and want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe, consider the following options for finding men's clothing: The boom times of the 1950s meant that the hard-working businessman could enjoy more leisure.

Hawaiian patterns and the ever-popular cowboy style influenced leisure shirts.

If you look at movies and TV shows of the era, what you mostly see is the businessman look - the gray flannel suit.

Dark blue, dark brown and charcoal were the colors of a man's office suit, whether he was a lowly office grunt or head of the company.

For much of the 1950s, conformity was the order of the day.

The postwar years were exciting and booming, but the Cold War and the fears wrought by nuclear weapons and the Mc Carthy Red-baiting drove a conservative movement in clothing.

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