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30-Aug-2016 08:14

(It turns out that a cup filled with stale life juice is more of a repellant than an empty cup! Dream often, stay focused, and don’t stop pursuing your dream!

Once you are overflowing with self-love and are pursuing your dreams, you may wish to join forces with a beautiful young soul on a similar journey.

If you want to learn more about how to truly love yourself, check out this post! I use to think you had to be a big shot or make it to the top in order to get the girl. You just need to find the courage to dream and pursue that dream, regardless of the circumstances, obstacles, and excuses, that will attempt to thwart your path.

If you don’t have a dream (or goal) you’ll stop growing and moving, resulting in a cup full of old, stale and stagnant life juice.

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This is where community plays a vital role in finding the right one.

Finding the right person to share your life with can be quite the challenge these days… If you’re empty inside, you’ll suck the life right out of anyone who comes near you… So discover new ways to fill your own cup with life, purpose, and joy.

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