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While this definition sounds clear, many adolescents have a difficult time accurately defining abusive behavior.

The vast majority of middle school students define control and jealousy as signs of true love rather as signs of abuse.

* Meanwhile, 81% of parents believe dating violence isn’t an issue for teenagers.

* 100% of parents failed to correctly identify warning signs of dating violence.

However, teen dating violence is epidemic at both the middle and high school levels, with most girls experiencing their first violent dating encounter by age 16. * Teen dating violence affects 1.5 million high school students (approximately 4 in 10 adolescents) in the U. * 72% of youth 11-14 are dating and 47% report some form of violence as a part of this relationship.

As the age students begin to date lowers, so does the age at which violence begins.

Unfortunately, relationships within media often are portrayed as controlling and possessive, leaving teens to believe this is what love looks like. Additionally, 67 percent of young people in violent dating relationships have experienced violence within their homes.

All of these factors combined contribute significantly to the rising rates of teen violence in the United States.

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While young men tend to be more physical in their abuse, women often threaten to harm themselves, yell or engage in the physical acts of kicking, scratching or pinching. Teenagers are still developing both their identity and their ability to manage emotions.

Their brains’ ability to think through the consequences of a behavior prior to acting on their impulses is not fully developed until around 24 years old. Because their identities are still forming, teens frequently look for validation and acceptance from their dating partners. Teens normally learn how to how to function within a dating context and how to manage emotions from the adults in their lives.

When they don’t receive this affirmation consistently, it can be devastating. Teens who do not have these adult connections instead draw information about how to date primarily from peers and the media.

* Changes in behavior after starting a dating relationship, including always needing to be with partner or being fearful when not in contact with partner * Quits being involved in activities he/she used to enjoy * Feels he/she needs to respond immediately to all phone calls or texts from partner and acts fearful if he/she cannot do this * Acts fearful around partner * Excuses the behavior of partner * Has suspicious bruises or explanations for injuries that don’t quite line up with injuries * Grades beginning to fall * Afraid to do things without checking with partner first * Becomes overly submissive when with partner * Insults partner * Tries to control how partner dresses or acts * Being “bossy” or controlling of partner * Is frequently texting or calling partner to check up on them * Loses temper frequently or easily * Blames other for his/her emotions * Threatens to hurt him/herself or partner if there is even a perceived threat of breaking up * Always having to be with partner or always talking about partner Education and Awareness.

April 4-8, 2016 is National Youth Violence Prevention Week.When you think of dating violence, the images that pop into your head are probably not images of 11 or 12 year olds. * Girls age 16-24 are at the highest risk of experiencing violence at rates TRIPLE the national average.

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