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Everything about this Andy Warhol-inspired Tenderloin oasis oozes sexy sex, from the suggestive art and bookshelves stuffed with vintage records, to the light fixture above the bar commanding you to “Be Amazing,” to the heated swimming pool in the back courtyard.

This is the place to take your long-term significant other if you want to pretend you’re strangers... Don’t be surprised if, after dinner, she wants to get a room.

Bonus: the pizza is awesome, too, and (DOUBLE BONUS!!! Easier to get into than Bourbon & Branch, not quite as crowded with suits as Local Edition or Rickhouse, and owned by the same dudes behind all three of those (!

), this place is where it’s at for super-original cocktails and classics so old they seem original.

And how convenient, since it's located in The Phoenix Hotel (where the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, and Pearl Jam have all been known to crash).

Starbelly is home to the Holy Date Trinity: outdoor seating (Father), flattering lighting (Son), and not being cold (Holy Ghost), a trio that isn't easy to find in the Land of Perpetually Needing a Jacket and Scarf.

There’re plenty of private corners and intimate seating, though, so your conversation won’t suffer.

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Where as Ryoko's is more of a party scene, this Russian Hill sushi spot feels much more sophisticated, and romantic, and equipped with sake bombs. Read the rave reviews and recommendations customers write on slips of paper that line the windows. Relax over stiff drinks and if it’s going well you can graduate to the awesome, well-priced Asian-fusion. Pro tip: there’s a booth to the right of the door (partially concealed by velvet curtains) that’s especially cozy and private -- perfect for those awkward relationship talks/make-out sessions that come after awkward relationship talks.(Filling out your own would also be a sweet way to commemorate the night, kind of the low-commitment version of carving your initials into a tree). If you’re dating someone with restrictive eating habits, or you’re not sure what combination of vegan, gluten-free, or paleo diets they subscribe to, good luck with that. Serving innovative, sustainable, vegan Mexican fare that's just as delicious to carnivores, GM will help you avoid that awkward moment when your date can’t eat anything on the menu.